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zibblsnrt ([personal profile] zibblsnrt) wrote2009-05-03 01:18 am
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Hello World

Well, here I am by the looks of it.

I've been thinking of getting posty again after a year and a bit of relative silence online for awhile, and have also been looking for some sort of creative-output type sources for awhile as well, possibly while keeping things a bit segregated from any more personal or professional stuff I stick online in the future.

Finding something for the latter's nontrivial these days, given how predatory various TOSes can be and how unreliable some sites can be about them, so this one piqued my interest (especially when compared to Livejournal's follies). I'm planning to use this one probably mostly to babble about various creative works, given that the site's terms seem fairly friendly to such things, but that may change over time. Dunno.

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